Grade 3

Grade 3 Outcomes OUTCOME 1: The learner will develop body, spatial and temporal awareness.
Objective 1.1: The learner will demonstrate moving to different rhythms.
Objective 1.2: The learner will discriminate between similar rhythms.
Objective 1.3: The learner will demonstrate rotational skills.
Objective 1.4: The learner will demonstrate inverted skills.
Objective 1.5: The learner will demonstrate climbing, supporting, and balancing skills on various apparatus.
Objective 1.6: The learner will state which activities necessitate crossing the midline of the body.

OUTCOME 2: The learner will develop locomotor, manipulative, and non- locomotor skills.
Objective 2.1: The learner will explore locomotor skills by varying force/effort.
Objective 2.2: The learner will explore non locomotor skills by varying the location of the center of gravity.
Objective 2.3: The learner will explore kicking a ball using different parts of his or her foot and variations in force/effort.
Objective 2.4: The learner will attempt dribbling a ball using his/her feet.
Objective 2.5: The learner will attempt trapping.
Objective 2.6: The learner will demonstrate throwing with two arms.
Objective 2.7: The learner will attempt shooting a ball from a stationary position.
Objective 2.8: The learner will review catching.
Objective 2.9: The learner will review striking the ball with either hand.
Objective 2.10: The learner will explore dribbling using his or her hands.

OUTCOME 3: The learner will combine locomotor, non-locomotor and manipulative skills in movement, dance, games, and sports.
Objective 3.1: The learner will demonstrate non locomotor and manipulative skills in combination.
Objective 3.2: The learner will demonstrate locomotor and manipulative skills in combination.
Objective 3.3: The learner will participate in lead up activities for basketball, flag football, hockey, soccer, volleyball, and track and field.

OUTCOME 4: The learner will understand the benefits of regular physical activity and will enhance personal fitness.
Objective 4.1: The learner will demonstrate cardiovascular endurance.
Objective 4.2: The learner will demonstrate muscular strength/endurance.
Objective 4.3: The learner will demonstrate flexibility.
Objective 4.4: The learner will define cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength/endurance, and flexibility.
Objective 4.5: The learner will identify ways to a healthy lifestyle.
Objective 4.6: The learner will participate in a physical fitness assessment.

OUTCOME 5: The learner will be a knowledgeable consumer in the areas of health and fitness.
Objective 5.1: The learner will identify appropriate foot-wear/clothing for various activities.
Objective 5.2: The learner will identify the relative benefits of "high energy" foods.

OUTCOME 6: The learner will develop listening skills and safety awareness.
Objective 6.1: The learner will identify various familiar sounds.
Objective 6.2: The learner will identify potential safety hazards on the playground.
Objective 6.3: The learner will, with the help of the teacher, develop safety rules for physical education.

OUTCOME 7: The learner will understand the general structure and function of the body.
Objective 7.1: The learner will describe and demonstrate concepts related to stability.

OUTCOME 8: The learner will understand , appreciate, and apply rules, regulations, strategies, and appropriate etiquette for movement , dance, games, and sports.
Objective 8.1: The learner will, with the help of a teacher, modify the rules of an activity.
Objective 8.2: The learner will explore strategy for movement, dance, games, or sport.
Objective 8.3: The learner will demonstrate positive behavior and language in a winning or losing situation.

OUTCOME 9: The learner will appreciate the aesthetic and creative qualities of movement.
Objective 9.1: The learner will create a sequence utilizing non-locomotor, locomotor, and manipulative movements.
Objective 9.2: The learner will evaluate tempo, level, shape, and flow of a movement.

OUTCOME 10: The learner will develop self-confidence and interpersonal skills.
Objective 10.1: The learner will set a series of short term goals.
Objective 10.2: The learner will demonstrate leadership skills.
Objective 10.3: The learner will accept and give constructive criticism.
Objective 10.4: The learner will encourage and support peers.
Objective 10.5: The learner will participate in a cooperative problem solving activity.

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